Make a Fashion Statement With Bingo Beez Online Bingo This Week

3:07 pm May 16, 2010 | posted in Bingo News
Make a Fashion Statement With Bingo Beez

Make a Fashion Statement With Bingo Beez

Online bingo site Bingo Beez has launched its latest new promotion: May Fashion Week which takes place this week and will last until the 20th May, 2010.

Although Bingo Beez’ online bingo games promotions are gaining a reputation for being a little more unusual, the players’ comments show that they are loving the more thoughtful approach to provide something different. Latest comments to the customer service department via Facebook and email include

“…you guys rock thanks for the promos and fun time!” says Okinman from Texas

“It is a wonderful site to play and I really enjoy myself there…” says Snowcat from Canada

Knowing that looking great and feeling great are intricately connected, this week Bingo Beez is offering the prize of a $100 voucher from, the online fashion store which stocks everything from shoes, clothing, hair and beauty items, accessories and maternity wear, to the player who plays the most online bingo games between the 14th-20th May, 2010. Free bingo games, such as those in the Free Hall will not qualify to be included in this tally. The May Fashion Week winner will also be required to have deposited a minimum of $20.00.

Although with many online bingo promotions players are expected to change their playing habits in order to participate, with most of the promotions run by Bingo Beez, players are encouraged not to change their normal game preferences and to play online bingo games or slots online as usual in order to win additional cash and prizes.

The May Fashion Week is no different: players simply need to play the most online bingo games at between the competition dates in order to win.

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