Bingo Entertainment Releases New Slot

2:31 pm November 15, 2016 | posted in Bingo News

Bingo Entertainment is a leading casino and online bingo software developer, with an impressive portfolio of games under its belt. Its collection of games now benefits from the release a new video slot, which goes by the name of Angel & Devil.



Those playing at online bingo sites powered by them such as Glamour Bingo or Yes Bingo, will be able to enjoy this game alongside a number of other exclusive Bingo Entertainment games.



Angel & Devil, brings you colourful creatures in the shape of emojis with with great bonus game features. Take on the new slot to discover the fluid  graphics and great sound effects . Angel & Devil slot is available on desktop as well as on mobile.




You can try out Angel & Devil slots along with a number of other exclusive games for free by clicking here.