Superb Online Bingo Xmas Specials at Gina Bingo

4:51 pm December 18, 2010 | posted in Bingo News

Gina BingoWith Xmas fast approaching it is no surprise that all online bingo sites are gearing up for a busy period and are offering a number of different incentives to attract players with plenty of free time on their hands. So if the draw of Christmas re-runs and a turkey sandwich gets too much you may choose to switch on the computer and test your luck.

Gina Bingo is one of many online bingo operators out there but being relatively new this is their first Christmas and they don’t seem to be holding anything back. With Christmas Specials starting from December 10th and then running all the way through to New Year on December 31st they are certainly embracing the Christmas spirit of giving.

In fact it would be fair to sat that Gina Bingo have covered all bases this Christmas and New Year with specials including free bingo, special Christmas patterns and numbers, leader board tournaments, a new year raffle and not forgetting the best of the bunch, a £300 must go game jackpot game playing in their Club 75 hall on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at 11:30pm GMT.

Wherever you choose to play over the holiday period you are sure to get a good deal with value for money and great promotions galore.

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