Starlight Bingo player was ready to win!

9:24 am May 21, 2007 | posted in Online Bingo

The Bingo Entertainment Network is seeing so many big winners it is hard to keep up with them all! With 11 brands on their network now, since the addition of Exotic Bingo last month, the jackpots are getting higher, and the big winners list is growing at a fast rate.

The most recent progressive bingo jackpot winner was on Starlight Bingo which has seen a recent influx of new players. One of those fairly new players is known as ‘readytowin’. A very apt name indeed, for this player from Pittsburg , Missouri was indeed ready to win when she hit the bingo progressive jackpot in the amount of $2,346.74!

The player had only been playing on Starlight Bingo for about a month. I asked how she felt when she saw she had won the jackpot. She said “My immediate reaction was tears as stupid as that sounds. I was down to $9.00 when I hit that jackpot and was so shocked”. This is actually a very common reaction, for Starlight Bingo has brought many tears of joy to players.

But now that she has won the jackpot, will readytowin continue to play at Starlight Bingo? “I will definitely continue to play” she answered enthusiastically, and went on to add “I love this site and the chat games are so much fun. All of the players are very nice and the chat hosts are great!”

And what will she be doing with her winnings? “As for my winnings, like all of us, I have bills to pay.”

Starlight Bingo congratulates ‘readytowin’, and are very pleased to have been able to help pay the bills!

Other online bingo players with dreams of winning the jackpot need not feel they have missed out, because as always, the Bingo Entertainment Network bingo jackpots do not start back at $0 like other sites, they like to give their players much more, so when a jackpot is won, it is always re-started at $1000. As I write, the jackpot is already at $1,012.83, so come and try your luck at Starlight Bingo .

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