Progressive Jackpot Hit at Bingo Gala

9:24 pm July 13, 2009 | posted in Bingo News

Bingo Gala, a longtime leader in the online bingo community, announced yet another progressive bingo jackpot winner today.

The player, “debrokechic”, managed to hit the Progressive Bingo Jackpot at 8:02pm EST on the 9th of July for an awesome $3,663.47.

We caught up with debrokechic, who lives in Irondale, OH, shortly after her big win.

Editor: How did it feel when you realized you’d hit the Jackpot?
debrokechic: I was shocked; I almost fell off my chair!
Editor: What do you like most about playing online?
debrokechic: It’s convenient and odds are better for me anyways.
Editor: Do you have any favorite games?
debrokechic: I like horse races and speeding nickels.
Editor: Is there anything special you do, or have, to help bring you luck?
debrokechic: Not really.
Editor: What do you intend to do with your winnings?
debrokechic: I’m going to go see my son in SC. He is a new marine and I miss him a lot and did not think I’d get to see him graduate boot camp. Now I can!!!
Editor: What message would you give to other players who dream of hitting a jackpot?
debrokechic: It’s possible. If I can so can they on 11 ten cent cards!!!!
Editor: Anything else you would like to add?
debrokechic:  Thank You Bingo Gala!!!

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