Online Bingo Lifesaver

9:15 am September 2, 2003 | posted in Bingo News

During the last few hot days of August, an online bingo fan decided to play a lifesaving game of bingo at her favorite site.

The player, nicknamed ginger1351, had woken up with chest pains on the morning of August 26th, but didn’t pay them much attention except to mention them in the chat room while playing online bingo at Bingo Gala ( Two of the roomies (chat buddies) were luckily enough, nurses by profession, and urged a visit to the hospital.

“Two players that were nurses probably saved my life…they convinced me to go to the ER (emergency room), because I had no idea that what I was having had anything to do with cardiac pain.”

Ginger1351 went to the hospital and where it was confirmed that it was indeed a heart attack.

“It shows what a wonderful group plays here and how they really care about people,” adds Ginger1351 in a letter to Bingo Gala support staff.

Bingo Gala support staff said they were overjoyed and relieved that the community was able to help one of their members and wished Ginger1351 the best of health in the future.

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