Bingo Splash Unveils a Variety of New Games

11:50 am December 24, 2010 | posted in Bingo News
Bingo Splash

Bingo Splash

Bingo Splash recently announced the launch of several new games to their online bingo platform and did so just in time for Christmas. This was in addition to a recent big upgrade which also saw the arrival of some new games.

The new games in this instalment are all instant, single player games giving players the chance to play at their own speed and for their preferred bet amount. They include three new pull tab games and a brand new style of instant bingo called Jingo.

The new pull tabs games are based on three different themes all revolving around different countries; these are Australia, Canada and England. Tabs are priced between 5p and 15p and offer jackpots of between £20 and £60.

Jingo Bingo is whole new style of bingo and Bingo Splash is one of the few places this game can found and played. You can play the full range of 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball Jingo Bingo with each game following the same principle. You select the pattern and numbers you want to play with, which will also determine the prize value, and then try to bingo in as few balls as possible. Where Jingo Bingo is different from other instant bingo games is that there is a sliding scale of prizes, so even if you don’t hit the jackpot you are still in the game and in with a chance of winning. The sliding scale makes this game very exciting and appealing to players with many chances to win on every game played.

My personal opinion is that all of these games will be a good addition to Bingo Splash. The themed Pull Tabs games will have particular appeal to players from those specific countries and the new Jingo Bingo games are great fun, even when that jackpot slips through your fingers you are still in with a shout of winning and at least claiming your wager amount back. Whether you’re looking to play your first online bingo games, or simply looking for somewhere new to call home. Bingo Splash has a great selection of games and bonuses which will be tough to beat, and definitely worth a go.

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