Bingo Gala Releases New Online Slot Machines

5:38 am June 7, 2010 | posted in Bingo News
New Online Slots at Bingo Gala

New Online Slots at Bingo Gala

Bingo Gala this week announced that two brand new online slot machines have been added to their already extensive range of side games.

The first new addition is called ‘Space Lotto’ which is a four reel slot machine game with an outer space theme. Roll in the various icons for a win with 4 x Earths netting you the Jackpot and the Progressive Jackpot if played on max bet.

The bonus game on ‘Space Lotto’ is awarded for 3 x Bonus Game icons anywhere in the game window. The Lotto Machine will then draw a ball between 1 and 75 which will multiple the current spin bet for your bonus winnings. The more wagered will result in a bigger return.

The second of the new slot games is called ‘Emotions’ and is a three reel slot machine game with an Emotional Faces theme. This slot game does differ slightly from the traditional slot games in as much as it does not have a Bonus Game.

‘Emotions’ more than makes up for this though with it’s general play. Aside from the standard three matching icons in a row win you can get two matching icons with a multiplier of x2, x3, x5 or a massive x10. With this kind of multiplication this game is sure to get your emotions running high.

All in all both of these new slot games are a great addition to the existing games which compliment each other well and are guaranteed to be an instant and lasting success at Bingo Gala.

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