Bingo and tennis go together like strawberries and cream

10:21 am June 23, 2011 | posted in Bingo News

Bingo TennisWimbledon time is here again, and it’s true that online bingo and tennis go together like … strawberries and cream! How come? Many players of online bingo not only play to win cash, but they play for the social aspect as well. All online bingo sites have chat rooms, which are where players come to make new friends, to relax and to let off steam.

Whenever there is an exciting event on the television such as a reality TV show or a sports event, the chat rooms come alight with gossip and excitement. This is because everybody is watching the same program, gossiping about it and passing comment about what is going on.

With this year’s Wimbledon looking to be more exciting than ever, it seems that many bingo players will be keeping their eye on the tennis balls as they keep their eye on the bingo balls simultaneously. If you are looking for new friendship, fun and gossip, as you enjoy watching the world’s favourite tennis tournament, try joining an online bingo chat room today and discover how much it can enhance the experience.

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