Online Bingo gets ever more popular

Online Bingo

While it’s a terrible shame to see popular bingo venues closing, playing online bingo represents an economical away for players to get that vital bingo fix. 

Gina Bingo unveils new online Jackpot Keno game

Jackpot Keno

Gina Bingo has always been known for their outstanding variety of games, including 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball online bingo.

Interview Exclusive with a Wild West Bingo Slots Winner

Wild West Online Slots

There’s a new sheriff in town. The Wild West Bonus Game has released its load at Bingo Gala in a $1,950 goldrush. Lucky jackpot winner ‘Uvanga’ scooped the huge amount.

Ritzy Bingo gets ready to take on the big boys

Ritzy Bingo

Ritzy Bingo launched itself onto the online bingo scene in late 2010, and it is already proving exceptionally popular with players on the lookout for a hefty no deposit bonus.

Online bingo is a prize winner’s paradise

Online bingo is a prize winner’s paradise

Although players of online bingo should not be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to the chances of winning a large prize, for the sharp-eyed gamer, playing bingo online can be a treasure trove of prize-winning.

Play Free Online Bingo for Cash at Gina Bingo

Free Online Bingo for Cash

Gina Bingo introduces Free4Cash where you can play free bingo online and win real cash which you can actually withdraw.

Online Bingo is the new going out

Online Bingo Win

Lovers of online bingo are finding themselves in an increasing majority. A recent report has revealed that bingo sites across the UK are experiencing a huge surge in popularity.

Gina Bingo goes on the pull in London

Online Bingo Pull Tabs Londoneer

New players to the world of online bingo are often surprised by the variety of side games on offer. And one online bingo site with a huge variety of slots and instant games is Gina Bingo.

Bingo is Florence Nightingale in disguise

Bingo Balls

The British Medical Association has conducted a survey revealing that keeping patients occupied with activities like bingo can reduce the need for painkillers, prevent depression and contribute to a speedier recovery.

Brand New Ritzy Bingo offers £45 of Free Online Bingo Play

Ritzy Bingo

Ritzy Bingo is the brand-new, glamorous place to play free online bingo. New players to Ritzy Bingo can benefit from a £10 no deposit bonus alongside an exceptionally generous 350% first deposit bonus.

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