Following the trade dispute with Antigua & Barbuda

A German court has ruled in the case of a Bavarian law that attempted to prevent online businesses from marketing their services in competition with the state-supported outlets.

US Concedes Defeat in WTO Online Gambling Case

The US has conceded defeat by declining to appeal Antigua’s victory at the World Trade Organization and has announced they are withdrawing their treaty obligations with respect to gambling and betting services.

Lets all support Barney Frank’s new Gambling Legislation

‘The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative’ aims to highlight the importance of a regulated framework that will allow US players to continue to enjoy gaming in the comfort of their own homes.

Children get new bikes courtesy of Bingo Entertainment

Starlight Bingo, part of the greatest online bingo network; Bingo Entertainment N.V. saw another progressive jackpot winner on 21st May.

Utah Indicts Online Gambling Payment Processors

On Friday 11th May, the U.S. attorney for Utah announced charges against various individuals and companies involved in the processing of payments for online gambling operations.

NETELLER Announces New Prepaid Cards for Europe and Asia Pacific

NETELLER,the independent global online payments business, today announced the first product in a new suite of prepaid, reloadable debit and remittance cards for its customers in Europe and Asia Pacific.

US Antigua decision a snub to WTO

The United States last week decided to withdraw from one of its WTO commitments after it finally lost its battle with Antigua and Barbuda over on-line gambling. The decision has evoked a storm of outrage and concern.

Tour de France team hit by gambling controversy

The Tour de France bicycle race has once again been hit by controversy. But this time it is not over drugs but gambling.

Early evening raid on Bingo Gala Gold

On the evening of Wednesday 9 th May, at 6.11pm (EST) to be precise, $1,440.00 in Pharaoh’s gold was taken at Bingo Gala. Then some 20 minutes later, $1,080.00 in Coins of Rome were taken.

Starlight Bingo player was ready to win!

The Bingo Entertainment Network is seeing so many big winners it is hard to keep up with them all! With 11 brands on their network now, since the addition of Exotic Bingo last month, the jackpots are getting higher.

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