Bingo Entertainment Ltd diversifies into online gaming software platforms – unveils new services at ICE 2003.

Bingo Entertainment has diversified into software sub-licensing, after demand from gaming companies wishing to enter the expanding online Bingo market.

Boss Media sells gaming system to Bingo Entertainment Ltd.

This week Boss Media signed an agreement with Bingo Entertainment Ltd. owner of websites such as Bingo Mega, Glamour Bingo, Main Street Bingo, Bingo Blowout and Bingo Splash making it one of the biggest bingo operators on the Internet.

Suspended Officer Sentenced in Bingo Scam

A suspended Indianapolis police officer has been sentenced for his part in a scam that skimmed millions of dollars from bingo parlors…

Boss Media hop aboard Bingo Bandwagon!

Bingo, once considered as gambling for the terminally unglamorous, is
the next big thing in online gambling. …

$8,700.00 Bingo Jackpot at BINGOGALA!

BINGOGALA, the leading online bingo game, now has a Jackpot of $8,700.00!!! Try your luck now only at

Win $6,000.00 at BingoMEGA Bingo!

BingoMEGA’s Progressive BINGO jackpot has hit $6,000.00. Try your luck now, you could be the lucky winner!

People who play bingo ‘do better in mental tests’!

Bingo requires core mental abilities and playing it helps use parts of the brain which often decline with ageing, a psychologist said yesterday.

How to stay young, even if you’re clickety-click!

It’s fast, competitive and loved by the over 60s, but there’s more to bingo than you might think. It actually keeps your brain in trim, according to new research.

Lucky friends in bingo win!

A massive win has put a smile on the faces of three bingo playing buddies from Teesside.

Bingo calculations help elderly people keep their brains alert !

Bingo makes you think faster than non-players and keeps you more alert into old age, a researcher told a British Psychological Society conference.

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